How to get a loan if you are blacklisted

Borrowing while blacklisted by Croatian credit institutions is almost impossible. Unlike the records in the HROK (or the Credit Debt Registry), the so-called Only those clients who have not regularly fulfilled their obligations are blacklisted or unregistered payers of the Croatian Banking Association.

And while you’re blacklisted, you can borrow

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The criteria for joining a non-performing club are the same for all banks, most often being the age of debt, termination of credit or cancellation of a card, suing for non-payment of loans, attempts of fraud, etc. Is that possible, and if so, how to get a loan if you blacklisted ?

Here are some information that may be of service to you that you may not have known about lending and blacklisting banks, but also how to get there; how long you can be recorded as a messy debtor, what you gain or lose, which is a blacklist , etc.

Blacklist, or SRI

Blacklist, or SRI

The professional name of the list is the Information Sharing System (SRI), and banks will exchange the names of clients who have not paid their loan or are in bad debt, once a month. The idea of ​​monitoring troubled clients was raised by the Croatian Banking Association (HUB), and the criteria for problems were harmonized at the level of HUB.

Those who did not pay just one installment of credit, receive one reprimand, or have been in the allowed minus for a few days will certainly not be included in the “black list”, and placing on the “black list” depends on the amount of overdraft.

(SRI) or “Blacklist” is a list of people who are disorderly paying on loans, checking accounts or credit cards. Borrowing while blacklisted is possible, but not at banks or at HROK, but at some credit and card companies that have recently offered it.

How to Blacklist

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Often, those who actually have a decent income or employment end up on the black list , but for example, two or three installments are late in repayment of their loans, sometimes simply because the employer did not pay them on time (which should not be characterized immediately as “non-paying”!).

However, such citizens, increasingly due to the canvasses of illiquid private employers they work for, but also because of the speed of our banks and other credit institutions that do not promptly update the blacklist, may find themselves in big trouble once they decide they need to get there up to a greater or lesser amount of money from the loan while they are blacklisted by debtors of Croatian Networked Banks.

Banks, of course, can be difficult to influence, and since they are computer networked, a customer labeled as one of the most unpaid payers in one and the same bank, this remains visible in all our banks, which prevents him from taking out a new loan or lending for as long as blacklisted.

How to get a loan if you’re blacklisted

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Recently, in the Croatian market, just like in the rest of the European Union, there are institutions that approve loans regardless of the aforementioned, ie the fact that the name of the borrower appears on the black list. And besides, such loans can be obtained today in a relatively favorable, but also fast way. Nowadays you can get instant loans and loans in just a few minutes.

It is important to point out that, in the case of lending, such institutions do not, as is commonly thought, involve any “usury interest” or illegal or illegal business. This method of crediting has easily become the most acceptable to many, especially to already indebted citizens, as well as to citizens of lower material status (such as a large number of pensioners, workers who receive a part of their earnings on the black , etc.).

Due to the excessive zeal of banks , raising loans to those with a complicated financial situation remained possible only through the aforementioned institutions, which are neither run by the HROK nor by the black lists. And because of this, they have the opportunity to come up with the necessary funds, calculate and agree how to repay the said loan, and thus to obtain some liquidity conditions for themselves.